This application is for the Doctor of Naturopathy degree program:

Two-year bridge delivery - IMG (International Medical Graduates/doctors) who have obtained their medical degree outside of Canada recognized by World Education Services (WES).
Eligible applicants for the two-year IMG delivery must have graduated from a recognized medical school and submit a World Education Services (WES) credential evaluation /official transcript showing proof that the degree is equivalent to a Canadian MD.

Four-year regular delivery- International students from outside of Canada and the Unites States (US) who have obtained their undergraduate degree recognized by World Education Services (WES)

You can begin the WES transcript process. Please note that once you have applied for a WES transcript, CCNM will only accept a detailed WES transcript that is sent directly from WES to CCNM.

Please note: if you are a Canadian citizen/permanent resident or US Citizen applying for the four-year Doctor of Naturopathy degree stream, you must submit your application through the Naturopathic Doctor Centralized Application Service (NDCAS):